AR-15 80% Billet Lower Receiver - "Russian Warship"

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***Limited Qtys Available***

Lowers are Deep Laser Engraved with the text "Russian Warship, Go Fuck Yourself"

Each 80 Percent Billet lower receiver starts life as a solid block of Military and Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy. We machine each lower complete in-house on our State-of-the-Art DMG MORI Horizontal CNC Milling machines with part verification capabilities. All Parts are designed, machined, and verified in house using our first class software, machinery, and in-process part verification techniques to ensure that each and every customer receives a high-quality fully functional product.  

  • Machined to mil-spec tolerances
  • This is NOT a complete receiver and therefore not an FFL item.
  • Sandblasted and ready for paint
We give our customers 48 Hours from the time the package is delivered to inspect and contact us about any damaged and missing parts. After that period of time, we will not be held liable for any replacement claims. We appreciate your business and understanding of our policy. 
SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: SAN DIEGO CITY, CONNECTICUT, NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, HAWAII, WASHINGTON DC (shipping resrctions change frequently and we try to keep our site up to date. It is your responsibility to be aware of your local firearm laws before purchasing from our website or machining a firearm)